Dine with us

Fresh, locally sourced and homemade food

Our restaurant provides diners with that classic traditional pub feeling, with a modern touch. We take pride in serving the pub classics with a contemporary twist, but our menu also offers some less familiar à la carte dishes freshly crafted on the premises.

From time to time and of course with the seasons, we change the items on our menu to give diners the best experience from produce available at this time of year. Be sure to take a look at our menus before booking; we also run daily specials!

We cook to order, offer almost exclusively fresh produce, and are open every lunch (Sundays concentrating on traditional roasts) and 5 nights per week, the chefs having a rest on Sunday and Monday evenings !

Locally Sourced, Fresh Ingredients

Meat comes from Haywards in Tonbridge, family butchers who source their beef from Scotland, their pork and lamb from East Sussex and Kent, and supply many pubs and restaurants in the area; we honey roast the ham ourselves, and make our own pies, pate and burgers

Fish and seafood we buy from Lintons, wholesalers based in East Peckham who are at the market 5 days per week to ensure freshness … and we get a whole heap of compliments for the cod, sea bass and the freshly battered fish & chips we serve

Vegetables come from Seasons By Nature

This area is renowned for soft fruits and we source, when in season, from local growers, for pies, crumbles and cheesecake.

Every now and again we run special evenings where we trial different cuisines and traditions, be sure to check our events page for more information